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Quad Cities Tenant Alliance

Building a Quad Cities we can live in.

Landlord Background Check

Before renting - use this tool to see how a potential landlord has treated their property and tenants.

Search our database of City Inspection records, Freedom of Information Act requests, and reports from fellow tenants.

Landlord Background Check

Know Your Rights

Tenants in both Iowa and Illinois have a right to a clean and safe home, due process for evictions, and more.

The Quad Cities Tenant Alliance can help understanding your rights and empower you to use them.


Become a QC Tenant Alliance member to join the fight for fair housing across the Quad Cities

Quad Cities Tenant Alliance members work together to find solutions to housing issues facing tenants in our area.


Davenport Rent Abatement Ordinance

The QCTA Voted unanimously to fight for a rent abatement ordinance in Davenport. A Rent Abatement Ordinance can allow the inspections department to temporarily relieve tenants of the duty to pay rent when there is a threat to life and safety.

Tenants can use their rent money to pay for relocation expenses if an emergency evacuation happens

Rent Abatement FAQ